Become a partner

Why is your support so important ?

All donations collected are the association’s own funds.

They are used to support:

  • fundamental research into mental illness
  • interdisciplinary research by encouraging collaboration between researchers, clinicians, sufferers and their families
  • international co-operation between research institutes to facilitate knowledge sharing
  • Informing and educating in order to change people’s perceptions of mental illness

By becoming a partner of the Philippe and Maria Halphen Foundation, you are making your company part of a new approach to social responsibility in public health.

What are the benefits of partnership for your company?

Sharing a common cause

You are committing your company to a foundation that supports psychiatric research aimed at improving scientific knowledge and action strategies for people suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and resistant depression. Your donations enable us to carry out national and international fundamental and interdisciplinary research projects bringing together researchers, clinicians, people suffering from psychiatric disorders and their families. By dispelling fears and misconceptions about these illnesses, the Philippe and Maria Halphen Foundation is helping to improve care and prevention for sufferers.

A foundation sheltered by the Académie des Sciences

Sheltered by the Académie des Sciences, you are supporting a serious foundation that is audited by the Cour des Comptes.

A tool for mobilisation and internal cohesion

Because they unite employees around a common project, partnerships are an excellent way for your company to mobilise and build internal cohesion. You build loyalty among your customers and suppliers by giving meaning to their purchases or their work. Partner companies of the Philippe and Maria Halphen Foundation also benefit from the right to use the Foundation’s logo.

Tax advantages

Since the law of 1 August 2003, you can take advantage of tax breaks, as 60% of the amount of your donation is deductible from corporation tax up to a limit of 5 per 1000 of turnover excluding VAT (Article 238 bis 1° of the General Tax Code).

How you can support us?

The Philippe and Maria Halphen Foundation offers you targeted partnership projects. It helps you to build a lasting partnership based on respect and trust, and a commitment to shared values.

The Foundation offers various types of partnership:

  • Events
  • Calls for donations
  • Co-financing
  • Sponsorship of skills
  • Donations in kind
  • Join us by becoming a partner of the Philippe and Maria Halphen Foundation.
For further information:
please contact Muriel Bleuse, Partnerships manager,

The circle of friends of the Philippe and Maria Halphen Foundation

The Philippe and Maria Halphen Foundation has chosen to work with a privileged network of associations and individuals who play a major role in the field of mental health. Independent and autonomous in their missions, they come together around shared human values and choose to join forces on the occasion of events in order to promote the actions undertaken by each of them.